July 1, 2009

The DynaVox EyeMax System

This is the communication device that Henry trialed last month. He was able to demonstrate proficiency by telling his favorite knock knock joke! That simply means he showed that he was using the device purposely and accurately to communicate. Insurance companies want to see proficiency before they'll approve funding for a device. That's perfectly reasonable. The problem is that potential users often do not have the opportunity to develop proficiency and as a result may be going without an effective means of communication.

We were able to get our insurance to pay for a 30 day trial and lucky for us, Henry took to it quickly. If he hadn't it would have been really tough for him to make progress -- our insurance won't pay for a second trial and loaners, even to speech therapists, are scarce.

Have you ever mastered a complex skill in one hour a week or less?